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DELUXE DOUBLE WEFTED: Clip in Hair Extensions

If you're after more volume and glamour, look no further! Our Deluxe sets are perfect for achieving luxurious celebrity-worthy locks - Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out! Each LUSH Deluxe Clip In Hair Extensions set includes 8 weft pieces with pre-attached feather light silicone clips that will not slip or pull. Each piece is double wefted - this means you receive almost twice the amount of hair without having to pay twice the price of a full head. Our 20" sets contain a full 150g of our glossy Remy Human Hair. Our Deluxe sets are available in all of the popular LUSH colours and lengths range from 15", 18", 20" and 24".

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FULL HEAD: Clip in Hair Extensions

Our most popular range of clip in extensions! great for adding length and volume with an affordable price tag.

LUSH Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions set includes a total of 8 weft pieces with pre-attached silicone clips that will not slip or pull.

Our Full Head Set range comes in all the LUSH colours and are available in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 12" - 26".

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HALF HEAD: Clip in Hair Extensions

Are you looking to add a bit more volume and life to your current set of hair extensions? Or maybe you're in need of a bit more length for a quick up-do? Our LUSH Half Head Clip-in Hair Extension sets contain 6 weft pieces which can be clipped into your hair and styled within minutes. Like our Deluxe and Full Head Sets, our Half Head Sets come with the pre-attached silicone clips and are available in all of the popular LUSH colours and lengths range from 15", 18" and 20".

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STREAKS: Clip in Hair Extensions

Dare to be different with an instant colour injection! Instantly add colour and length to your hair with our clip-in streaks. Each set consists of two 1.5 inch wide clip-in hair extensions. Choose contrasting colours to funk up your hair, or similar colours for subtle highlights.

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ITALIAN SOFT WAVE: Clip in Hair Extensions

Fancy giving your curling tongs a bit of a break? These extensions come pre-styled with a permanent wave, to match you existing curly or wavy hair, or to add extra volume and lift to straight hair. These are full head clip on hair extension sets, with 8 separate wefts for complete coverage.

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DIY WEFT: Hair Extensions

Have your own Ideas ? Our DIY Weft hair extensions are for you. Our DIY Weft sets contain a single 36 inch (3 feet) wide weft of hair which can be transformed into your own custom set of hair extensions or even weaved in as a more permanent fixture to your hair . We also include 18 of our clips with the set so you can sew these on quickly and with ease when making your own individual set of clip-in extensions.

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