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How to style grown-up pigtails

Posted On: 2017-09-28 16:50:50 ; Read: 4452 time(s)


Pigtails burst onto the catwalk a couple of seasons ago and they’ve been a top hair trend ever since. But what if all the trend inspires in you is high school flashbacks?

These gorgeous twisted pigtails, brought to you by our girl Miss Alex, take the trend well away from schoolgirl style and smack bang into chic grown-up territory.

They’re pigtails, but not as we know it...


You’ll need



STEP 1 - Create a centre parting

Take your section comb and trace a line right up from the tip of your nose to the nape of your neck, creating a bold centre parting.

Section off one side with a clear elastic while you apply your wefts to the other.


STEP 2 - Apply your wefts


Grab a two-clip weft. Alex is using a 20 inch set of Lush hair extensions in shade 613 if you want to recreate her look exactly!

Split your hair on one side into a top and bottom section. Then clip in your weft above the bottom section. A two-clip weft is all you really need for this look, but you can add more if you want super thick pigtails.

Now let down your hair on the other side of your head, section it in half and clip in another two-clip weft.


STEP 3 - Grab two sections of hair


Next, take a small section at the top of your head, at the front. Split the section into two equal, smaller sections. These will get twisted up to form one of your pigtails.


STEP 4 - Start twisting


It’s time to start creating your twisted braid. First, twist those two sections twice around each other.


STEP 5 - Pick up strands of hair as you go


As you keep twisting, start to pick up strands of hair from each side of your twisted sections and add them in. Keep on adding strands into your twists until you have twisted all the way down to your hairline.

When you have run out of hair to add in, you’re going to keep twisting those two sections right down to the tips of your hair. Well almost to the ends...


STEP 6 - Secure your twist

When you are about halfway down your hair, around shoulder height, secure your braid with a clear elastic. This will help to keep the hair in its twist.

Then keep on twisting until you reach the ends of your hair, where you can secure your twist with another clear elastic.


STEP 7 - Loosen your twist


To give your twisted braid a sexy relaxed look, gently open it up with your fingers. This will make it more voluminous and messy. You can add in a few hair grips if it  feels like your twist is going to come too loose, but you might not need to.


STEP 8 - Repeat on the other side


You’ve made one twisted pigtail - now all you need to do is repeat the exact same process on the other side of your head and you’ll have a pair.

How simple is that? Pretty twisted pigtails that are all grown up.


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