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How To Wear It: Soft Wave Clip-In Hair Extensions

Posted On: 2012-04-30 15:19:39 ; Read: 16646 time(s)

How To Wear It: Soft Wave Clip-In Hair Extensions


So, I did a post a few weeks back on how to make your own set of Soft Wave Clip-In Lush Hair Extensions using our DIY sets. Due to lack of time/makeup on the day I didn't get round to taking any images of how the extensions look when clipped in. Since then we have received a lot of emails from you girls asking how the Soft Wave sets look so I've finally got some images for you! 

I collaborated with my friend Verity who is an AMAZING make-up artist as she needed a few more bridal images to add to her portfolio. Whilst the make-up turned out very bridal and classic, I'm not totally sure the hair matched the theme entirely. It's quite mermaid-esque in our lightest blonde shade don't you think?? It would be best worn down with a little head band in the summer.. A perfect festival accessory definitely. 

Here's a quick guide on how we prepped and styled my hair in order to blend in with the Soft Wave set..

Verity used heated curlers in my own hair to achieve curls - using heated rollers gets fast results. I only had them in for about half an hour and the results were great! Remember, the bigger rollers you use, the looser and softer the wave/curl shall be. We went for medium bendy rollers to replicate a similar wave as the extensions.

Whilst Verity applied my make-up she tied up all the rollers in a hair net. This is great for ensuring the rollers stay firmly in place and keeping hair away from the face whilst applying your make-up.

Time for a bit of crazy backcombing action!! I wasn't 100% sold on this idea but Verity assured me that back-combing is necessary if you want to have big, volumised hair. Turns out my hair went a little too big.. cue 20 minutes of teasing and patting down to eradicate giant poodle hair. It is a good idea to back comb as you really get a lot of lift and volume at the roots (try not to be too enthusiastic when doing so however).

And this is the final result! Big, wavy hair that won't go flat after a few hours. We ended up clipping an extra piece in just for a bit of added thickness. One DIY set shall be enough for you if you have medium to long hair already. As my hair is quite short I required a bit more thickness in the lengths so both the extensions and my naural hair blended in well together. The darker shades in the Soft Wave sets look absolutely gorgeous and a bit more discreet than bright white blonde. These sets really are fantastic as they save a lot of styling time and stay wavy all on their own!

What do you think about the Soft Wave sets? Would you wear one?? I am dying to see a brunette wearing the Soft Wave so if you have darker hair please try some out!

P.s. I do apologise for the massive amount of posing I am doing in the images..

Alex x



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Melly | 2012-08-22 06:08:50

it all depends on what type of eetxnsions you used. If you used synthetic hair then I wouldn't recomend dying the them. If you used real human hair you're all set. They can be treated the exact same way as your hair. I suggest using a demi permanent color only because they don't have the harsh chemicals like permanent dyes do, that way you wont cause too much damage to the eetxnsions
Annie | 2012-04-30 16:25:18

Ariel should have been blonde! Swit swoo :)
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